Supercombat is the new brand in performance martial arts and combat sports equipment. 


We believe in the design and manufacture of products that are easy to use, affordable and that can be used “Anytime, Anywhere” whilst offering the maximum possible workout for the user.


Supercombat products are the brainchild of Master Richard Vince using 35 years of martial arts and combat sports coaching experience (Master Vince is a 8th Degree Grandmaster Black Belt and former World Kickboxing Champion).



Each product has been designed, sometimes over many years, keeping in mind the different age groups and fitness abilities of the users. Some want to train to boost confidence in the comfort of their own home prior to joining a martial arts club, some to sustain their level of training at home or whilst travelling, others are already experienced martial arts enthusiasts looking for a different training option, or looking for something to add to their already existing training plan.


At Supercombat, we believe that Martial Arts training should not be complicated and a user should not need to 'sacrifice' personal aspects of their life in order to enjoy this hobby. Training must be natural, comfortable, enjoyable and most important of all,

'Anytime and Anywhere'.


Master Vince said that the underlying reason for his ideas was that he would like to help people who are either too shy or too busy to attend a formal Martial Arts School. He felt that starting at home with a simple program would encourage more people to eventually attend classes where even further progress could be made. In order to achieve this objective however, Master Vince believed that there was a requirement for a simple, easy to assemble (or fix) striking device which allowed these 'home start' students to practice in comfort and safety almost anywhere.


Together with a student Andrew Woodhead, Master Vince went on to create the Superstrike Pro. Soon after came the Supercoach Pro and many other lines of unique Martial Arts training equipment. Master Vince says, "The Superstrike Pro took almost 35 years of Martial Arts training, coaching, practice and experience to create. I didn't want to put my name to something that was 'ordinary' or 'substandard'. We have worked incredibly hard to bring this product to the market. Our aim now is to create the best Martial Arts equipment in the world. We will never imitate or copy”.


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