Over 150 videos (general workouts and tutorials), seminars, podcasts, Q&A, discussions and more to help you and your children develop your mental health, wellbeing and Martial Arts ability.

Brain Dojo is a platform designed for everyone and generally speaking, it's training for your brain and body!

Whilst a lot of content makes references to and draws on our experiences in Martial Arts, you don't have to be a Martial Artist to benefit from our content.

Within Brain Dojo, you'll find video and audio content which covers things such as:

- Seminars and workshops held by Martial Arts instructors.

- Videos designed for people looking to start Martial Arts (what to expect from your first class, what to look for in a school, etc)

- Beginner Martial Arts videos.

- Beginner Fitness videos.

- Tutorial and idea videos which can help you to develop your Martial Arts technique and show you how to get the best from your training.

- Training your brain to think differently.

- Setting and achieving your happiness goals.

- Anti Bullying advice.

- Confidence Building.

- Health and Wellbeing.

- Fitness and Nutrition advice and discussions.

- Help topics, such as 'motivation'.

..and much more!

What is Brain Dojo and who can Benefit From it?
Already a Martial Arts practitioner? 
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We chat to all types of people and discuss every day topics, including mental health, being productive, managing time, creating good habits, parenting, setting goals and much more.

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