Supercombat is the brainchild of celebrated Kickboxer and Martial Artist, Richard Vince. 


Richard began training in Martial Arts in 1978 and went on to represent England and Gt. Britain at 19 international Karate events, before switching to Kickboxing and going on to win British, European and World Kickboxing titles in the Super Heavyweight category.  


Whilst running a full time Martial Arts academy, he devotes much of his time to creating groundbreaking Martial Arts technologies, following a strict path of innovation, rather than imitation.


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1978 - Richard Starts Martial Arts

Richard (pictured here at the back) began Martial Arts at the age of 17.

From the moment he walked into Mick Blackwell's Martial Arts and Fitness Centre on Bond Street, Ipswich, he knew Martial Arts were for him. He trained everyday, except Sunday when the centre was closed, but such was his love of Martial Arts that he persuaded Master Blackwell to allow him to open his own club on a Sunday morning at Diss Youth Centre. So, as a 19 year old at the level of Blue Belt, he started teaching others, both for Master Blackwell and at his own fledgling academy.

1980 - Achieves Black Belt

Richard had entered his first tournament (the EKKA National Championships) as a green belt, gaining third place in the individual intermediate grade section due to a combination of luck and good coaching. Following this, he attended perhaps 20 tournaments a year, many without a glimmer of success.


A breakthrough came when he realised that winning had to be part of the fun of competing. With his change in attitude, came a change in results. He racked up several 2nd and 3rd places before he saw much lasting success, but soon after he began to win "open" tournaments at intermediate level fairly consistently. 

At the age of 19, he joined the Great Britain Under 21s Karate Squad, a few months before achieving his Black Belt.

1981 - Represents England and Great Britain

Richard represented England and Great Britain (KGB) at 19 international karate events and was fortunate enough to be part of the Great Britain European Championship winning team. During this same period, he had an incredible run in individual events, going three full years without a defeat at "open" tournaments. 


He has been involved with many charitable causes over the years, like the '100 Kumite', which is  well known challenge among Martial Artists where one person spars against 100 black belt opponents for 1 minute each. 1 hour and 40 minutes of non stop sparring with a fresh opponent each minute! 

The event was held to raise money for Cancer Research and raised around £1200.

1989 - Richard Takes Up Full Contact Kickboxing

After a few bouts of light continuous Kickboxing, something to which he was not suited, Richard decided to turn his skills to full contact Kickboxing. Having tried one bout a few years earlier, he realised he would have to adapt his Karate training regime, training specifically for Kickboxing in order to compete properly.


His first bout was won with a first round knock out. In his second, a tough bout against Julius Francis from London, the opponents drew, with Richard winning on a unanimous points decision in a rematch later that year. 


"The Clash of the Titans IV" (another "light" continuous event at the NEC in Birmingham) saw Richard in a bout against the heavier and taller opponent, Tony Sykes, who bit Richard during the final bout of the team final. This animosity quickly led Richard to challenge Sykes for the vacant British Heavyweight Kickboxing title.

1991 - Fighting for the Vacant British Super Heavyweight Kickboxing Title

For the build up to this title fight, Richard trained at the ‘Silver Ring’ club at Thetford, a boxing gym where he could improve his hand techniques. The coach, Barry Trainor, agreed to coach him in return for Richard representing his club in the Norfolk ABA championships. In February 1991, Richard fought Tony Sykes for the title, knocking him out in the second round.

Continuing his winning run at boxing one month later he won the Eastern Counties ABA super heavyweight title, beating Graham Arnold in the final.

1991 - Wins Word IKL Kickboxing Title

Richard wins the IKL Kickboxing title in a bout against Philipe Coutelas. 

Having taken the title shot at short notice due to the original challenger sustaining an injury in training, Richard was required to lose 10kg in 4 weeks to make the agreed weight of 96kg.

With much help from his conditioning coach (Chris Roberts) the weight was shed but this left Richard feeling low on power for the fight. Consequently it went the full distance and resulted in a points win for Richard. No mean feat to go to France, fight a French fighter in his home town AND get the decision without a KO.

1992 - Wins ISKA European Title

Richard won the European title against Philip Coutelas (who was eager for a rematch following his World Title defeat). The bout was fought without weight restriction and both men came in at around 110kg.


For 5 rounds the fighters seemed evenly matched, but in the 6th Vince threw a left uppercut to Coutelas' body which dropped the Frenchman instantly. Although he tried valiantly, Coutelas could not beat the count and Vince was crowned ISKA European Super Heavyweight professional champion. 


Richard went on to successfully defend this title on three occasions.

Between 1989 and 1994, Richard Takes Part in Several Unlicensed Boxing Matches

During this period there was a large movement in London and the midlands towards ‘unlicensed’ boxing shows. At these events, competitors would be paid a fee to compete, and entertain the vast crowds that gathered. Some would take place in a boxing ring, others in disused industrial units, even out doors in barns and fields. 


Most were fairly well organised, usually run by muscle-gym owners, travellers and by ex-services groups. Richard came by many of these events throughout the years and has experienced the underground fighting scene better than most. 

1993 - Reaches the Final of the WAKO World Championships

This year saw Richard Vince in the WAKO World Championships where he reached the final against Vitali Klitschko, losing in a 2nd round knock out.

1994 - Fights Vitali Klitschko for ISKA World Title

Vitali Klitschko had become World Champion by beating the infamous ‘Bad’ Brad Hefton in Chicago, breaking his arm with a round kick. Despite everyone telling Richard Vince that he was mad to fight Klitschko for a second time (Klitschko being 4 inches taller and 9 years younger) Richard was convinced he had the skills to beat him. The rematch for the ISKA world title was held at Norfolk's Sport Village and ended in a second round KO in favour of the Ukrainian. 

At the age of 33, and after much thought, Richard decided to retire from competitive fighting. He states to this day that he achieved all his goals and has no regrets about his career. 
He and his wife Judy, live at Harleston, on the Norfolk/Suffolk boarder, with their two sons, Sam and Tom and numerous canine companions.


He continues to teach both at his full time Black Belt Academy in Norwich, and also at satellite locations in Diss, Harleston and Weybread.


Although his competitive career is over, Richard still strives to progress and is always looking for ways to improve things.


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Today, Master Vince devotes much of his time to running his Martial Arts School, the 'Black Belt Academy', teaching many of the classes himself as well as being aided by a growing band of qualified instructors.


He has keen interests in exploring many facets of personal development including alternative therapies such as kinesiology and relaxation techniques.


He has developed programmes such as;


BrainDojo for those with learning challenges.


Nobody Picks On Me Now, a course to help people who prefer to never be bullied.


Richard regularly invites experienced practitioners from other martial art styles and therapies to share their knowledge with himself and his students. He also regularly speaks for training companies such as ERAS, who offer specialised courses for the corporate World.


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