VMAX is the brand new online video coaching tool for beginners and those wishing to start their Martial Arts lifestyle.

I've been coaching since 1980, teaching; Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing and Tai Chi (Chi Kung) in that time. 

Imagine how many 1000s of students I've spoken to when I'm teaching 3 or 4 classes per day, for 6 days a week. 

One of the things I've been told so many times by so many students is that the first class was the most difficult for them. 

Not the class itself, that was usually fun and enjoyable, but getting to that first class. 

They explain that they were concerned because they didn't know: what format the class would take, what the instructor would be like, how their fellow students would interact with them, who would be watching, how the instructor would give feedback (would he be kind and constructive or rude and abrupt?), what the physical demands or expectations would be, would they be able to understand the instructions given, would instructions be in English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese? 

This 'starter pack' has been put together to give you a start. To help you to feel more comfortable if/when you decide to go to a class. To give you a good background level of fitness. You will have a good idea of how to stand, what beginner fitness levels are likely to be and how a class may be put together. The whole idea of the 'starter pack' is to help you to take the first step in Martial Arts training without the worry and nervousness that sometimes goes with it.

I also understand that attending a class at a set time each week is difficult for some people. You may have work, family or social commitments that make it difficult or impossible for you to put aside the time required to get ready, travel to, take part in and travel home from, a standard class. This 'starter pack' is also for you and, to help you guys further, we also have ongoing training if you wish to continue learning with us. 

I have to say though, right here, right now, learning martial arts online is not the best way to learn. You will miss the personal contact, the camaraderie, the feeling of being part of a group of people learning together.

What we can offer is the next best thing though, good instruction, sensible advice, online support/feedback and the opportunity to at least be part of an online martial arts community. 

Also, we know that there are many people hoping to wrestle your hard earned cash from your grasp. Our aim is to help you get started in this fantastic World of Martial Arts, so we are only asking £20 for our starter pack. Hopefully, you will enjoy the benefits so much that you will spend a fews weeks practicing the contents (videos of techniques and how they can be applied with some short text notes) and then you will find a local school to enrol with. Failing that, you may decide to enrol on our ongoing VMAX course for just £10/month. Remember though, learning face to face with a kind instructor is your best plan. 

SO, if you think that for just £20, our 'starter pack' would be a great way for you to get started, just click the 'buy now' button below and we will send you all the links to our online videos and email you all of our notes and diagrams. 

By the way, I've used; he, his, him etc in this text simply to make it easier to read but Martial Arts is just as much for females as males. Many of our instructional videos will feature female subjects as they are often as good as, or better than their male counterparts. Let's speak no more about gender equality, let's learn. 

By the way, we use 'Paypal' to collect our sales but you don't need to have a paypal account, they will accept any major credit card too. 

I look forward to working with you.

Grandmaster Richard Vince 8th Dan.

UNITED KINGDOM Ltd. T/A Supercombat.

9 Bull Close,




United Kingdom



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